How can you get my undivided attention? Ask me to create a poster or album cover a la 1940s, 1950s or 1960s. Last week a client requested album art that was reminiscent of 50s/60s with a film noir/gumshoe vibe. I can’t show the approved art, because I don’t have permission to, but here is a version of the cover that I didn’t use. (Mid-way into designing it, I realized there was something else he’d like to see on the cover).

They did however, love what I ended up giving them. It is quite similar to this, but there is a car added to it. I was impressed by his criticisms. He knew exactly what I was going for and offered some good suggestions for improvement. My favorite part about this is the smoke. Who would have thought how fun it would be to draw smoke? Quite! The starkness is something I love doing. I was inspired by this old “Vertigo” movie poster. I can’t wait to listen to this release, because he said the music sounds like a soundtrack to a movie as described above. How curious!

By the time this posts, I am frolicking in Ireland still, probably sad that I only have a couple days left until my return. I’m sure I’ll have a lot to report on, so stay tuned.

Until then…may the wind be at your back and the rain at your toes and er…how’s that saying go? Ah nuts. I forget. :p