There are few professions handier than being a Graphic Designer. Well…handier to other people. It seems I’m always doing something for somebody. Everyone needs a business card or a letterhead or a website, don’t they? And hey…Gina does that, doesn’t she? Yes. She does. Often pro bono. As necessary as the job is, you’d think we’d get paid a lot more in salary. But I guess, the problem is there are too many projects to do and too many graphic designers to do them? Often I find myself in a territory I usually don’t work in. New one: Prop design. Recently, I had to figure out a car prop for my Mom’s school production of “Grease.”

Here’s the rough mock up. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it very 50’s-ish – you know, fins, rounded lines, etc. – do to the way it will be built. It will be enlarged and made out of cardboard. And as you can see, it will connect by flat corners. This car is unique because it will serve two purposes. It will be both the old beat up car and the newly fixed up car. Not a bad way to save a few bucks. I of course, hope I don’t pull a “stone henge” and make it the wrong size! Tee hee. (Anyone who knows the movie “Spinal Tap,” would know what I’m talking about). I would link to a video of it, but the only one I could find was pixellated and difficult to make out.

Here’s the old side:

And the new side: (This side has a hood, because it will be visible in staging.)

And here are the illustrator files. The mockups were printed out on crappy paper. The final car should look slicker like the illustrator files shown below.


So, I guess I can add to my resume, “stage props” now. Oy.

See you soon!