Three more down, 4 more to go! I can hardly believe my twelve weeks are almost up! Cripes! Where DOES the time go? Here’s another funky flowers group.

Funky Flowers in Pink!

Funky Flowers in Green!

Funky Flowers in Blue!

Last week, MS made us (yeah, it was really hard to convince me–note the sarcasm) get iPhones! (We were upgrading our 5 year old phones for the upcoming Ireland trip). They gave us an offer that was too good to turn down. AT&T is practically giving away the 3G phones!!! $49! While MS’s phone had been deteriorating like a rusty old car (I’m not exaggerating) these past few months, I’d been laboring over the dilemma–iPhone or iPad? My latest assessment is that the iPad seems not as useful as a laptop or practical as a phone. Lord knows, I’m a practical gal. One thing that I love about it is that I feel like Penny from “Inspector Gadget.” Remember that cartoon? Anyway, if you don’t remember, Penny had this computer book she used to whip out from time to time to help her Uncle (Inspector Gadget) get out of a jam. In retrospect, I guess it was kind of like a laptop, but it reminds me more of an iPhone because of the portability of it. I was always enamored of the idea of her computer book. As an eleven year old girl in 1983, I was amazed that such a thing could exist! How I wished it to be so! They are really going to be handy for traveling and when MS does art shows. He’ll be able to take credit cards or PayPal for sales right on the spot. We’re guessing (hoping?) this is one of those things we will wonder why we didn’t get them sooner. [Yes, I know MS, I remember the scanner I never wanted to buy, because I had access to one at work. :P]

Anyhow, next week will wrap up my challenge! And then we’ll be off to Ireland for a little while. But don’t worry. I’ll post on the road. 🙂

See you soon!