Three more down. Seven more to go! Here’s a bright and cheerful group:

Flowers and Butterflies…(this one kind of reminds me of origami paper)

Flowers, Butterflies and Swirly leaves…

Swirly Leaves…(this one would make for a colorful upholstered chair)

On another note, I DID start a new personal embroidery project for the house, but alas, I had to rip out all the beginning stitches and start over, so there’s nothing to show for it. In fact, I haven’t even finished ripping out the stitches. It’s just a furry mess of snipped threads now–boo! (Remember long ago, I mentioned a fun project I always wanted to do inspired by “The Monkees” pad? Here’s a link to that post.) Well, I finally started the “Money is the root of all evil” embroidery. I’m very excited! I only know a few people who will immediately know what that is when they see it hanging on my wall and one in particular who might require having one for his own wall. In fact, once we were going to do a barter. He was going to make me a funky futuristic desk for my computer and I was going to paint Mr. Gomez’s business associate. See the giraffe in a suit in the back of this still frame from “The Addams Family” TV show? Well, it never happened. And it’s a good thing, because I probably would have had trouble parting with the finished painting. Haha.

Ah well. Until next time, friends. See you soon!