Two more down – Twelve more to go! I’d like to say I’m doing less per week because I’m trying to make things even-steven  for the remaining weeks, but no. Only managed to eke two out this week. Been behind schedule all week.

First one is called “Nighty Night” for  it’s dreaminess.

Second one is called simply, “Sunny Day.” Cheery, no?

The results of the contest are in! Seems that everyone fell for that sweet little bear, so Sbergeron is the lucky winner! Congratulations! Again, thanks, ladies for entering the contest! I just loved both entries! I’ll contact Sbergeron to finalize the details for cashing in her contest prizes!!: Three of my embroidery patterns from my Etsy shop and one fabulous set of metallic floss from Sublime Stitching!

On another note, here are two of our new painting acquisitions all framed up. Don’t they look fabulous?! Can’t wait to figure out where to hang these! We are going to have to re-hang all of our pictures to incorporate these, so it might take a little doing and arguing over the best places for everything. So far, MS and I don’t see eye to eye on our intentions already.

Also, MS is a fancypants! Lookee here! He was interviewed by ImagineFX magazine a few months ago and the issue finally came out. They even put his art on the back of the magazine too! Pretty cool!

And last, but not least, I leave you with our silly Georgie Porgie. I came home a couple days ago and this is how I found him…cozily nestled in MS’s jeans.

Until next time! Au revoir!