First things first…3 more down, fourteen to go! I said I wanted to do some more complicated patterns this time around…so…I did. 🙂 I am very happy how this one turned out! I called it “Happy Town Band.” It’s very cheery. I have it on my desktop as a wallpaper.

This one is “Dessert Heaven.” It’s an imagined world of cupcakes and marshmallows frolicking in the heavens!

This one I have tentatively named “Circus Tricksters.” I am in love with piggies this week. Check out the pig!

Now! I have something very important to show you, and I need your help!!!

There are two entries for my Valentines Embroidery Contest. I simply can’t choose between the two! It just wouldn’t be fair to them…or me! So I ask all of you to vote in the comments section to help me out! When the week’s over, I’ll tally the votes and announce the winner next post.

So here we have SBergeron’s lovely entry! Look at that sweet little bear (yes, she made him too!) and his fab Valentine’s belly!

And next, Giddy’s wonderful submission. Look at those fill in stitches and purty colors!

Thanks so much ladies for your submissions!

So please, everyone…cast your votes!!! Don’t be shy!

Adieu for now!