Four more down. Thirty-four to go. Yikes–still that many left? Went fairly simple this time around.

O happy day! Let me tell you of our new joy lately! MS and I have been happy as clams with the new “Antenna TV” channel (we don’t have cable). They show a bunch of classic shows like The Monkees, Three’s Company, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, etc. So, anyway, Too Close for Comfort has been on, and as a kid, I never noticed how ridiculous Ted Knight’s studio is! If you know the show at all, his character writes a kids’ comic strip called “Cosmic Cow.” They have him working in a room resembling a typical upper class living room with a fireplace and a sofa, and all he has is a drawing table with a big container of pens on it. Nothing else in the room to support the fact that he’s an artist at all. No props, no sketches hanging, no Cosmic Cow posters, no bulletin board with inspiration on it. No piles of past Cosmic Cow issues, no books for reference or anything! Now, this isn’t a matter of decor or taste–it’s just how artists work. But I imagine the director or producers didn’t want to clutter up the room or some lame excuse like that. Of course, why should I be surprised? After all, when he’s working, they show him drawing with the Cosmic Cow puppet on his drawing hand. Apparently they were real sticklers for realism [insert sarcasm] on that set. For those of you who don’t draw, just imagine signing a check with a big puppet on your hand…not exactly easy.

All they need is Benson and What’s Happening. Then we will truly NEVER get cable TV. Haha.

Next up: You guessed it…more textile designs…and Valentine’s fun…