4 more down. 42 to go.

Fancy Birdies.

Playful flowers.


Tea time.

I don’t know why the more I have to do, the more I get done. Doesn’t make any sense. I even started a new embroidery pattern/sample.

Look what Kristen passed along to me! Here’s a downloadable calendar of the month. Isn’t it the coolest?! Thanks, Kristen! I already made one for my desk at work. He looks very peaceful. Makes me wish I had one of my kitties on my head too!

Speaking of kitties, Georgie called his “Grandmom” the other day. I had my cell in my jacket pocket. He was kneading his paws on me before settling down on my lap for a nap, and it dialed my Mom. And, of course, it scared him off when he heard: “Hello…hello…” coming from my pocket. What a silly kitty!

Here’s a picture of a Georgie (orange tabby) from a screen shot from “On the Waterfront.” Hee hee. 😉 Sadly, you rarely see a Gidget (she’s a tortoise shell) on TV or in movies. By the way, check out the abysmal illustration on the movie poster. Could they have picked a worse photo to work with? Good lord. He looks grotesque. It doesn’t even look like Brando. It’s just a horrible poster all around.

In case anyone was wondering, I’m done with winter. You?

Next time: Free embroidery pattern of the month! Stay tuned. Here’s hoping for no more snowstorms this week. Fingers crossed: x x.