Four down, 46 to go!

I had quite a busy week/weekend and I still managed to get 4 textile designs done. I daresay this will be difficult to keep up, but I’ll have fun trying, by golly! I figure that I need to keep the pace of at least 4 per week (yikes!) to reach my goal of 50 by end of March. Fortunately, I have about ten or so recent ones I’ve already done to include in that list if I fall short. Is that cheating? Can I share with you again (because I’m sure I’ve gushed about it every time I’ve done them) how much I LOVE doing these? The complete freedom in theme and color! It’s like the intoxicating feeling I used to get from the big box of 64 crayons (which I think is 120 now – oy – swoon!). The possibilities! I’d probably NEVER consider using these color palettes in any finished illustrations due to the mindset and style of my other work. That’s my hang-up, though.

Dunno if every one will make the “cut” in the end, but we’ll see how it goes, eh? No time for talk now. Off to work…

Don’t worry, though…I’ll still make time for free embroidery patterns too. 🙂