Elephant Joy Ride! I love this elephant! I’ve pretty much finished it as a sample for the pattern, but I embellished it a bit further. I used unsightly under-stitching to my advantage. Meaning, I embroidered from the front of the fabric on purpose for effect (See the fez tassel for an example). I also did this on the elephant’s tail. big B often points out the backside of an embroidered stitch when she demonstrates her fabulous stitching tutorials. I got inspired from that. The tassel is obviously just the knotted end of the threads showing through to the front. Probably the easiest thing ever and yet, I still feel like such the clever goose. Tee hee. Pardon the lack of ironing. I’m not done yet. You can see I’m not finished “filling in” stuff I started.


So, I go to the effort of making this adorable little house for my kitties on one of my days off a couple weeks ago and all I get from MS is: “They’re not going to use that.” Well, Mr. Smarty-pooper-pants, look at this! Georgie enjoying his house! He even had a guest come over for a visit too! [Insert raspberry sound here.]

This project was based generally on this Martha Stewart house I saw. I didn’t really follow the pattern. Mostly because I didn’t have enough big boxes without writing on them. Partly because I was too lazy to follow a pattern. It would have looked nicer with a brand new cardboard box, but hey, after all, it is a cat’s plaything. Note, of course, I had to draw stuff on my box to make it homier.  http://www.marthastewart.com/how-to/cardboard-cat-playhouse

Here’s a better look at it without the kitties inhabiting it. I added some fuzzy fabric for coziness too. Take that, Martha! Haha. I used hot glue to build it. Don’t be fooled by the transparent packing tape showing up on the outside. That was just the tape that was already on the cardboard.

I finished the bathroom mural last week too. I think I like it. Well, I like the mural anyway. You’ll see from the sneak peek photo that I changed the colors. The red was bothering me the whole time, so I finally painted it all out. While I was working on it, I’d think…maaaaayyyybeeee it’s just too much red…so I kept painting out the red more and more until poof! No more. I repainted the other bathroom walls the light brown. I don’t really like it. Neutral colors are hard to pick. Once you get them on the wall, they cast shades of ick. But, I don’t feel like repainting the walls again just yet. Maybe February I’ll get the urge again. For cripes sake! I still have to paint the frames on the screens on the porch from the outside. Ugh. Too cold for that now.

Alas–that is all I have for you this time! Getting excited for Christmas for sure! I can’t wait for Christmas Eve! That’s when MS and I exchange our presents. I think he’ll be pleased.

Enjoy your Christmas celebrations, y’all!

Next week: Diamonds (OK, maybe more like rhinestones) amidst some coal–A look at some design jobs I’ve been working on.