It appears as though I lied! I said I’d work on the elephant pattern last time. But, then I drew this fetching lady, and I couldn’t resist stitching her up! Meet Lulu and her dog, Bear. I really don’t know why I named her Lulu. She actually reminds me of my Grandmom. Her name was Antoinette (affectionately referred to as “Annie Banan-y” by some members of our family). She had a poodle named Pookie. The nickname Annie Banan-y comes loosely from the movie “Pocketful of Miracles” starring Betty Davis and Glenn Ford. Think of it as an American “My Fair Lady” for an old bag lady named Apple Annie. She was a down-and-out drunk who wanted nothing more than for her estranged overseas daughter to think she was of high society. Glenn Ford figures he owes her, so he cleans her up. Ford is the Higgins type, only he’s not a professor, he’s a bootlegger. Long story. Anyway, although my Grandmom was not an alcoholic, she did often appear a little like a bag lady in public.Β  I remember she had a dress not unlike this one, but without flowers. Replace the flowers with stains. I often marvelled at her ability to wear clothes with stains on them in public without embarrassment, but who am I to pass judgment? The old broad traveled all over the world on a senior citizen’s budget. In retrospect, I realize there was much I could have learned from her. Unfortunately, as is usually the case, she passed away when I was just a bit too young to care of such things. Pity.

So anyway, I wanted to share her with everyone. For the free pattern, download here and enjoy!

Next time: Updates to the bathroom mural and other surprises.