“I bought a pair of pheasant legs off Etsy,” MS says to me a couple weeks ago. Now, I think most wives would have reason to think that was weird, after all, what would their husbands need a pair of pheasant legs for? So, I just replied: “Cool.” When you have a husband that paints things like dragons sometimes, it’s obvious why he felt compelled to buy them. The only objection I have to them is that they smell heavily of mothballs. I guess that’s how it’s preserved? Dunno. Never smelled anyone else’s taxidermy stuff before. I mean really, can you imagine? “Hi, Morgan,” I say one day, picking up her stuffed raven (because she has one) and smelling it without asking, “What are we having for dinner?” Heck–even asking to smell it would be weird. Smelling is a very intimate thing. People just don’t go around smelling things, do they? At least not unusual things.

So, I inadvertently got myself into a big project this week. What started out as a little “why don’t I paint a mural as an accent on one of the bathroom walls” turned into a “now I have to repaint the whole bathroom” thing. It’s not because the mural turned out bad, but because the dominant color on the rest of the walls needed to be changed. Funny how I planned the mural and everything (even the color palette), but then when it was on the wall, it took on a life of its own. I changed the colors a few times. It’s not what I planned color-wise, but I like it. Here’s a sneak peek detail. I can’t show you the whole thing yet, since I still have to finish cleaning things up and doing the finishing touches. 🙂 This kind of mural is bad for people like me. I could potentially be adding lines and blocks and changing colors for years. I think that’s how I’ll spend my old age when (yes, I said “when”) I go crazy. There I’ll be muttering and walking in circles with a paint brush, saying: “needs…more blocks…more…lines…gimme jello…”

Do you have any “small” projects that turned into big ones? I can’t be the only one! Please say it ain’t so!

As for the projects of the threaded kind, I didn’t do any embroidering this week. I really wanted to embroider that elephant. We’ll see how this week turns out. I have an extra long weekend, so there’s lots of time for fun stuff. Assuming I’m not painting blocks and lines all weekend…

See you soon!