Thanksgiving was lovely. The bird was a be-oo-tee-ful dark brown! Every year MS and I think–why do we only do this once a year?!! Our New Year’s resolution should be to make a turkey at Half-Thanksgiving. Oh, speaking of grub…I just HAVE to mention Barbuzzo. MS and I went there for my birthday last weekend. Every morsel was a delight! Do not miss the cheese board or the cured meat board. Even I loved the cured meat board and I don’t normally eat that stuff. So if you’re local to Philly or visiting, make a reservation!

So, what does an elephant dream of doing? Why, joyriding in a convertible, of course–with his little pal, Chimp!

Now, this one, I can’t wait to embroider a sample of! Nevertheless, it’s available in the shop now! I think I love this elephant so much that I’ll probably do more things with him. Get used to seeing him!

Until next time, go forth and create…anything!