I’ll keep it short, as I have much to do in preparation for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I expect most of you probably won’t be reading this until after the hoopla anyways, as you are all probably either dreaming about Thanksgiving or preparing for it too.

Here’s that illustration I did for the Disc Makers calendar a few weeks ago that I was babbling about a while ago. [Jog your memory here]. The calendar is dedicated to all of the cities we have offices in. It will ship to clients soon, so I thought it was OK to post it now. Soon it will be available (excluding calendar info) as free wallpaper for your desktop. I’ll post the link when it goes live.

Next, here’s an update to the “dream scene” project I’ve been working on. It’s much more fleshed out. I still think I’ll be adding a bunch more “things” into it still, though. It’s a good start. The question still remains…should I do the finish in paint or pixel? At this point I lean towards paint, but I’m still undecided. Paint will be quite a commitment. Might take me weeks to finish. Notice that Georgie Porgie was kind enough to pose for me. Perfect model, that kitty!

Lastly, here’s a cheerful holiday pattern for you of one of my favorite parts about Christmas…the cookies! Enjoy! Make tea towels and share as gifts! Download here.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Make sure you enjoy your long weekend if you’re lucky enough to have one. I’ll add that to my “thankful” list of many. 🙂