I totally feel like I lived an extra month in the past week. The IlluXCon convention was successful! I’m quite sleep deprived to prove it. It was great to see everyone again and meet some new people. It’s always fun to hang out with the creatives. Here are some highlights from the show:

Always a showstopper, the work of Tom Kuebler. Here are a few lovelies:

Above: A miniature version of Schlitzie that I would buy in a second if I had the money for such an acquisition. You can see how small he is here. The original is life size. Every detail is amazing on all Tom’s sculptures. Truly a wonder.

Above: Greg Hildebrandt painting in front of his booth.

Above: Canvas prints by our show neighbor, Dan Dos Santos.

Below: Creatures a la Jordu Schell…

I’m a doofus, because I didn’t get a good shot of any of Vincent Villafranca’s sculptures. Here’s a link: http://www.villafrancasculpture.com/bronzes.htm

Above: MS at his booth. Talented AND handsome. 🙂 You can’t see his fancy new banner on the left that kept falling down. Packing tape to the rescue.

Above: A shot of the space. It’s a pretty small show, but packed with tons of amazing artistry.

The best part of the trip might have been the trades we made. I spied this painting and “made” MS trade one of his paintings for it. Steve Prescott is the artist. He was nice enough to give us two paintings for one! I graciously “let” MS pick one for himself. After all, he did paint the painting for the trade! Tee hee.

MS traded another painting for this Hobbit hole oil sketch of William O’Connor’s too.

This cast sculpture (resin, I think) was one of the hot items from the show. It seemed like everywhere you turned, there was one of these little fellas walking (with someone) or sitting around. An irresistible purchase. Created by Jordu Schell, who works in movies and is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. Yes, if you go to his website, you’ll notice he did character design for “Avatar.” I think we’re going to frame it in a shadow box. I think it will look cool that way! If only we could figure out how to install a little light in there too!

Always a very inspiring show. Even if one isn’t a fan of fantasy art, one surely can appreciate the ability to make the unreal appear real, right? I always think it’s funny that I like all these gruesome things when you all know I can’t help but create cute things personally! Perhaps I can draw some kitties dressed as monsters or something. Like I said last post, you never know where inspiration will hit you.

Next week: Free embroidery pattern of the month! Stay tuned!