You never know what will inspire you. Well. I guess I can’t speak for other people, really. Let me rephrase that– I never know what will inspire me. One day, whilst perusing through Flickr photos, I came across these fabulous shots of what I think are mostly re-ment doll house figurines. The first example is an adorable little corner kitchen scene. The second is another kitchen scene. Now this one I was fooled into thinking was completely real at first! So awesome! Great set ups and lovely photos! I wasn’t sure what it was about them that “got me,” but I knew I wanted to keep them in mind for inspirational purposes. It’s been a couple months and finally the inspiration is forcing itself out in a way that I didn’t necessarily predict. Here’s a thumbnail drawing of a new illustration I’m working on for my own personal enjoyment:

So, you can at least see – maybe – that there’s a kitchenette thing going on in there, right? I haven’t gotten that far yet, but here’s the rough sketch being fleshed out with some reference:

There are recurring themes popping up I’ve mentioned on the blog too. A couple months ago I mentioned how I wanted to embroider the “Money Is the Root of All Evil” thing. Well, I haven’t gotten around to that yet, so it’s appearing here. Kitties are obviously dear to me, so no surprise there. Squirrels are making appearances into my work even though they are my garden nemesis-es! A piggy is coming through the open door…I think possibly because of how an acquaintance of ours has adopted a piggy recently. It seems this piece is a little like a dream sequence. Dunno how the kitchen half inside/half outside happened or why there’s a bath tub in the “kitchen.” But whatever. 🙂 All I know for sure is that I want it to have lots and lots of things going on in it, and THAT’S what intrigued me about those re-ment photos.

I got a bunch of photo reference to work with, but I forgot the piggy and a few other things, so I’ll be working that out later this week. MS and I will be in Altoona, PA for IlluXCon 3 for the rest of the week. Here’s a trailer of last year’s show. MS made an appearance in this video via his bear painting.

I can’t believe it’s November! Where did the year go?!! Thanksgiving is upon us! Most of all, my birthday is only 17 days away!!!

Oh, if you haven’t already, there’s still time to vote in the tea towel contest. They will announce the winners tomorrow. There are some really cute ones and some really interesting ones. Which one do you think is my personal pick for most “interesting” submission?

I expect to come back from this trip with a lot of inspiration. Until then…go forth and create, y’all! 🙂