Halloween dinner was a hoot! The delicious cheddar Witch Finger crackers were fun to make. My Martha Stewart Living magazine had a recipe too, but there was yeast involved and a whole lot of work, so I opted for these easier ones. They were hysterical to look at while baking. They sizzled and bubbled with eerieness. You can’t see them well in this photo, but there were knuckle lines in there that made them really witchy looking. Hee hee!

The delectable Eyeball Salad was easy too. Obviously green olives for irises placed onto fresh mozzarella. Served with a divine red vampire blood dressing (not shown).

As for the Baked Vermin, well…I might have been guilty of being too realistic with them. Yummy though! They looked super cute when I originally added the yellow squash ears and tails…but then after reheating, they looked quite convincing. One of my guests pointed out how he felt a little sick when he pulled out the tail. Gross in a fun way, I hope! Tee hee! In retrospect, I could have probably added the ears and tails after reheating quickly enough for serving. I was just worried that they wouldn’t insert well into the dough after being reheated. (Thought they might crack/crumble). But had I pre-sliced ear and tail holes, I think I would have been OK. Ah next time. 😉

This week I’m revealing a new embroidery pattern or two inspired by my kitties, Gidget and Georgie.

I haven’t done finished embroidered samples of these yet, but I didn’t want to hold them up from appearing in my shop ’cause they’re too darn fun! I’ll add embroidered samples as I manage to make them. Unfortunately, I have other projects that will probably slow me down in that effort. Astro Kitty is inspired by the exploring nature of kitties and “What Did You Do?! – Bad Kitty” is in inspiration of their badness! But even their bad is angelic, ain’t it?

Everyone have a most joyous and Happy Halloween! And make those teenagers with those lame costumes work for their candy!!! Tell them for me that a football jersey does NOT a Halloween costume make. I just hate that!