The last installment of the True Love Free Embroidery Pattern series is here! True Love: Mac and Cheese!


It was the most difficult one to pull off because of the macaroni. I think though, that the key to the translation on this one is in the coloring of the noodle. You have to get that just right! Be sure to download the PDF here and grab the other four if you haven’t already! Enjoy!

As this is the last pattern in the series, I invite suggestions for new patterns you’d like to see happen every month! Everyone chime in! It doesn’t have to be an idea for a series, though. Any old idea will do.

It is great fun planning my annual Halloween party! It’s become more of a dinner party of late due partly to the fact that I’ve collected a lot of kitchen items of the Halloween persuasion. It’s fun figuring out a menu that can be spooky yet still appetizing. I try not to get too terribly gross with it (You know, no bloody brains or wormy things). We’ll start with cocktails, Witch Fingers and Cheese, enjoy a fine Eyeball Salad, followed by Vampire Blood Soup and end with delicious Baked Vermin. Everything will be pretty easy except for the Baked Vermin, which will essentially be empanadas made to look like rodents. Haha. I think they’ll be a lot easier to handle than the Roast Beast from last year. It was large and unwieldy. I also forgot to use parchment paper, so I couldn’t pull it off the baking sheet and put it on a nice platter. It was definitely beastly! Here’s the photo from last year:

One last thing…did anyone see “60 Minutes” this weekend? Well, I think it’s funny (odd funny) that they had this film footage of San Francisco when all week I was researching San Francisco for an illustration I was working on. This is a really incredible film (be patient for the political ad to be over). Just imagine all the people in the film that may have only had a week left to live. The title of the YouTube clip says 1905, but the new evidence brought up on “60 Minutes” suggests that this film was taken only a week prior to the earthquake/fire in 1906. A man figured it out by looking up the registrations on the license plates of some of the cars! It’s so amazing to just see life passing by like that in such old footage. Note how there seem to have been no traffic rules instituted back then too. Every man, woman and child for himself!

See you next time!