I’m very late to announce this, but some of those fabrics I posted months ago are now available via spoonflower.com. I’m very happy about that!

More textiles to come as I tweak some of the prototypes. Some were delightfully improved, some…not so much. I have a goal of creating about a million designs by spring. We’ll see how that goes. 😉 Maybe not exactly a million…give or take 100,000 or 900,900. Tee hee!

I ask you WHERE oh WHERE have all the 2D animated features gone?!! Filmmakers are so obsessed with 3D cartoons these days. Amazing–yes! Why, “Ratatoullie” is one of my favorites, but the art of the 2D animated feature film has been taken for granted. This happened in part because we all got bored (Walt Disney Company included) with Disney’s almost algebraic formula for a hit movie that started with the success of “The Little Mermaid.” Damn the marketers in cohoots with the film studios who demand a strong branding/licensing presence in films. This is most likely why the rut happened and why we’ll continue to see the same old stuff over and over again. Producers want to make a return on their investments. I totally understand it, but unfortunately it hampers diversity and creativity in mainstream animation.

Thank goodness some animation companies still take risks! Here is a brilliant movie you probably missed called “The Secret of Kells.” It’s a beautiful blend of illustration and design. They utilize a most lovely lack of perspective in most of the scenes. This is surprisingly difficult to pull off while still making sense to the viewer in the post visual perspective art world. Let me tell you…I’m working on an illustration right now at work that laughs in the face of perspective and it’s killing me! I’m breaking all kinds of rules here! It’s really hard to do when you are taught to respect the rules. Managing to keep a sense of space and order of things is easy to do using perspective. Take that away and you have to be very deliberate and clever with how you draw things and how different objects relate to each other. That is precisely what “The Secret of Kells” does. Not only that, but the company only used visual perspective in scenes of great emotion to heighten the impact of the scene. Equally clever. G’head! Put it on your Netflix list! Why, it even is available to watch instantly too! (Thanks to Danny for pointing that out).

Here are some long overdue little onesies I embroidered for our new little nephew, Louis. I hope he gets a little use out of them before he grows out of them! They’ll be on their way to Minneapolis in a day or two.

Next time: True Love Free Embroidery Pattern Series Final Installment: True Love: Macaroni and Cheese!

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