Look look! We went to Columbus and Golden Nugget flea markets on Sunday with friends and scored this awesome Mahjong set! I’ve been poking around for one for a while now. Isn’t it pretty?! I can’t wait to play it! I printed out some beginners’ directions. It sounds like fun and surprisingly like Gin Rummy. Apparently there are many variations (Chinese Classical, Hong Kong, Japanese, Western Classical, American Mahjong, etc.) of the game and different sets of rules. My Grandmom had a really beautiful set. My mom claims that the tiles were ivory. This example is similar to what I remember hers looking like, but I don’t quite remember there being drawers. I believe our set is referred to as one with Butterscotch Bakelite tiles. It could be from the 1940s. I just LOVE Bakelite! Anybody know anything about the game? And in which variation of the game do the players say things like “crack” and “bam” instead of “pung” and “chow”? I’m curious about that.

Bizzybizzy bee this week! Above are the before shots of our fence. After months of threatening to paint our fence, I FINALLY did. Saturday was the perfect day to work outside. After MS was off the roof from cleaning the gutters (I doing little to help but hovering below to call 911 if the need should arise), I scraped off the flaking paint and got to work. Eegh. I am always amazed at how embarrassing the “before” picture is. I can’t believe we let it go for so long like that! Although, in our defense, we’ve only had the house for a year and a half, so we didn’t really wait that long…there were just other things to do first. I’d love to know when the last time was that everything was painted, only to get an idea of how often we’ll have to slap on a fresh coat. Although, we should replace the fence at some point since some of it is rotting and odd (like the weird tall sloping fence part on the side). I daresay it’s much improved! See below.

MS painted the railings on the front steps. They were terribly chipped, but I didn’t take any “before” pictures of those to show you, because it was an impromptu project for him after he cleaned up the gutter-goo gunked yard. He also painted the lamppost and the knobby knob things at the entrance of the house. You can see them in the photo above.

Now is the time for what you’ve all been waiting for…finally–the 4th installment of the True Love! Free Embroidery Pattern Series: “True Love: Peanut Butter and Chocolate!” I think it was definitely love at first sight for these two…or maybe smell? Can you imagine how delicious one smelled to the other just as they met across a crowded room? How could they possibly stay away from each other?! You can download the PDF here! Be sure to download the other patterns in the series too if you haven’t already. Only one more left to go!

We’re off to Montreal on Thursday morning, so I need to sign off and make ready some embroidery projects for the drive. I’m hoping I can embroider and drive without getting car sick! Ick.

See you soon!

Next time: Free giveaway contest revealed!