Let me start with exclaiming my delight at how I don’t have to go back to school anymore!! Oh joy of being an adult! How I hated traveling via the yellow bus. And how nice it is to be able to read or learn about whatever the heck I want to, WHENEVER I want to. Okay, so I don’t get summers off. But as they say–you can’t have everything–and I’m OK with that. No bad school lunches. No tests. No embarrassing gym classes, being the last kid picked for the team. Any “homework” I do now is self-assigned. Funny, though, you know I still have a bit of the “school night” mentality ingrained in me. It’s the work ethic. While I’m not apt to go out carousing on a weeknight, I certainly don’t have a problem with staying up too late working!

Here is the first of a series of doggie embroidery patterns I’ve been working on.

It’s simply titled: “Chihuahua!” The pattern is available here. The PDF of the pattern also contains a second version of the design that leaves room for the addition of a pet’s name or sentiment. This would make a nice birthday gift for a friend with a Chihuahua. I plan to do at least 4 more doggie patterns. Which other breeds would you like to see?