Yesterday morning, my husband spotted a squirrel playing in the dirt in one of my garden beds as they often do (they like to roll in the dirt). He said as he was lying on his back, he plucked a jalapeño off the plant and started nibbling. My husband ran outside to scare him away and our rodent friend just ran up the tree and stared back whilst nibbling. “Go ahead and nibble, little one!,” my husband yelled, shaking his fist at him, “May you feel the burn upon your tiny tongue!” OK. So, MS didn’t yell at him or anything. It’s just my imagination running away with itself. They do say you should plant enough to share with your garden pals, but it still burned me up at first when it happened. But then I thought a minute about the little guy, happily rolling in the dirt and spying a delicious treat above his little nose. It must have smelled splendid dangling above his head like that! I can’t blame him for wanting to have it. His own personal Garden of Eden! I silently squeal with delight when I pick from the garden, so who am I to deny this joy to others? Even if said other is a squirrel?

This is a good segue for my lovely garden produce ripening in my harvest basket. What a glorious array of color! Seriously. Can you blame the little fella?

Speaking of color, just behold the power of orange and black! Isn’t it lovely? New Halloween paper chains just waiting to be adorned with paper Hallo-charms. I’m in a weird “I don’t want summer to be over, but thinking about Autumn” place. I guess that’s the hazard of making Halloween decorations in the summertime.

My next personal embroidery project will be illustrative in nature. I expect it to take quite a lot of time to complete. I don’t expect to be filling many areas (if any) in, as I’m more concerned with the power of line in this stage of my embroidery fascination, but you can see there will be many little details to be stitched. This drawing isn’t complete, but it’s the gist of how it will be. I think the wallpaper will be fun to do. The ovals and circles will be individual embroidery hoops on the wall. (Yes! I have to figure out what will be on those too!) The pillows also will have embroidered scenes on them, and the couch will have some kind of detailing in the upholstery. The wallpaper might change. The bunny doll was an afterthought. I like him! Anyhow, you get the idea. Work in progress.

Well, that’s all for now, pals. Happy stitching!

Next Time: The third installment in the True Love embroidery pattern series! “True Love: Milk and Cookies! “ Don’t miss it! 🙂