In my exotic travels across the dangerous terrain of um, Flickr, I have found the most dreaded warrior: The Ninja Toast! (You have to pronounce it like Ren from Ren and Stimpy: “Neeeenja”). This adorable creation is by Courtney of The Cajun Hillbilly Housewife. Courtney has been kind enough to host a swap on using my patterns as a theme. So if you’re feeling up to it, check it out. Maybe you can join in too. Be sure to read the rules. I can’t wait to see what everyone ends up doing. Thanks, Courtney!

New this week is a pattern of “Doodle Words.” They are great practice for doing detailed backstitches. A veritable swirl-o-rama! Love! Inspire! Dream! Chocolate! It may sound like the last one doesn’t go with the rest, but I LOVE chocolate, I DREAM about chocolate and on occasion, I am INSPIRED by it. Haha. You may have seen some finished pieces before in my shop or on the blog…

Another pattern set is a compilation of desserts and goodies. You may be sensing a trend here. I call it “Goody Goody!” Available here.

On a side note, I was power marathon-ing “Mad Men” all week/weekend, and thoughts of how crappy it often was to be a woman back then led me to think about growing up in the 70s/80s and how “Wonder Woman” (this might explain my collection of Wonder Woman tees) and “The Bionic Woman” impressed me. Now, mind you, I knew they were fictitious of course, but to know that you could be beautiful and strong (I was wise enough to not take that literally) was of great value to me. Who was it that made you realize you could do anything with your life?

Incidentally, I saw a German Shepherd this morning, and it made me think of “The Bionic Woman” and her bionic dog, Max. I always think “Max” whenever I see a German Shepherd. ALWAYS. Is that odd?

Note some of the cool Halloween related blogs I posted in my blog roll. Great stuff! It’s just around the corner! Much work to be done. 😉

See you soon!