Adorable!  I pass this house on my way to work (a real house–not this illustration). Often, if I’m stopped in traffic near it, I marvel at it. My mind runs wild with possible scenarios for such a commitment to pink. Who lives there? Who was bold enough to use pink paint OUTSIDE?! I know MS wouldn’t be in favor of me paining anything in the house pink, let alone the outside. Sometimes I imagine the owner must be a little old Grandma. She wears a pink apron, always wears white pearls around her neck, has a white fluffy dog named Teacup and scads of grandchildren come to visit her and bake cookies there. Sometimes the story is that there is a lovely older couple living there. One weekend, while the wife was visiting her sick sister in Ohio, the husband thought he would cheer her up by painting all the trim in pink. He knew it was her favorite color and that it would make her very happy. Then there’s a third, less romantic story about a couple who lived there and the husband was a grumpy chauvinist type. He insisted on having a deer head above the mantel and brown paneling everywhere. He hated anything feminine and never let her update anything after 1954. She could never go anywhere with her friends, because he expected her to wait on him hand and foot. After he died and she got the insurance money, she redecorated and painted the outside of the house pink to get back at his ghost! Take that, Cecil! This is how I make life more interesting in traffic. Some people meditate. I imagine. Funny, I’ve yet to imagine a scenario where the owners aren’t old people.

If you saw this white house with pink trim, what story would you come up with?

I finally completed a project I’ve been itching to do for over a year now. I had a chest of drawers with a hutch on the porch that was painted blue, pushed up next to a brighter blue-aqua wall. Really lame-o combination. The lackluster look made my eye twitch every time I saw it.

And now…FAB-ooh-LOUS! It really made a huge difference. It pops really well and shows off the stuff on the shelves much better. There was a small “incident” in that I knocked over the paint can and it went all over the deck AND I stepped in it BAREFOOT, but I managed to hop outside, wash my foot, pull the hose up onto the deck and wash it all away. I was so mad! And Gidget (our kitty) kept scratching to come out onto the porch. Every time I had to go in for something I had to dodge her to keep her from slipping out. There would have been little green footprints everywhere!

The Halloween piece is coming along. I’ve mocked up what the frame will look like and am almost finished the sketch for the oil painting. I’ll be painting this week. I’m trying something new and will be painting on clay board. Never used it before. Here is a crop of the sketch. I haven’t painted in oils in about 8 years. Will be interesting…

Speaking of not having oil painted in years, I have something old to share that is a little gruesome. This is an oil painting I did in college for Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.” I gave it to my friend for her birthday a few years ago, but we just got it framed for her. MS is great at picking out frames and does the framing himself. This painting made it into an exhibition at the Society of Illustrator’s in NYC too.

See. I can paint realistically. I don’t always have to draw kitty cats and duckies. But they are so much more fun than scary eyeballs! 😉 Although, scary eyeballs are kinda fun.

Next time: New embroidery pattern sets revealed. A whole lotta embroidery for your buck.