My skirt is being attacked by French knots!!! Aghhhh! Super knot-o-rama action. It’s quite mesmerizing to repetitively knot randomly as you go along–very zen. Then almost all at once, you realize you’ve had enough and want to do something else. And so you do. Still need lots more, though…

My latest pattern is simply called “Ice Cream.” I don’t know where the little ditty comes from, but I think most of us have been prompted by one adult or another to sing it when we were little. This is a great summery pattern, I think. And you can make the ice cream any flavor you want! I’m suggesting strawberry for color. Check out the over-under action in the cone. A fun stitch to do! I imagine it has a name, but I don’t know what it is. Anyone know? I just LOVE doing any stitching that involves wriggling your needle through other threads. I just had a vision in my head of me as an old lady, vigorously wriggling multi-colored floss through the many fibers of an oversized knitted woolen sweater.  I looked in my mind a little like the old broad on the snarky Hallmark cards, but with blue hair and better skin. Anyway, you COULD tack down some of the areas on the cone with little stitches in key areas, but you can just leave it like this and straighten up the stitching with your needle a little bit. Just doing simple backstitching is perfectly fine if you don’t want them to move around on you. If the final product will be something you will be using and/or washing (like a tea towel), back stitches would be a better idea.

And hooray! Just before the end of the month, I manage to squeak out the second installment in the True Love! embroidery pattern freebie series. “True Love: Bacon and Eggs!” What a pair! I’m sure Egg is infatuated by the intoxicating smell of Bacon and Bacon is smitten by the sexy curvaceous-ness of Egg. Methinks many of us would agree to the former. I’d be worried if anyone thought eggs were sexy. But then, there’s something for everyone out there, right? Haha. Download PDF here and be sure to download the other one if you haven’t already. If you haven’t seen it, click here: “True Love: Peanut Butter and Jelly!” Come back for the next three rolling out over the next three months.

And so, my friends…grab a bit of true love for yourselves and your pals. Just a reminder that I would love to see finished examples of it!