Here’s the first fruit of the season–an early bloomer. I don’t know if that’s the correct horticultural term for an early ripening tomato, but you get my meaning. 😉 Beautiful tomato, how I love thee! I hope my excitement is matched with an equal amount of tomatoes. On Sunday, I was out in the front yard, staking up my unruly potted tomato plants, and a neighbor walked by with Pickles (her pup). “Getting some tomatoes?,” she said. “So exciting!,” I replied and she giggled on by. The plants are in so much better condition this year. And I don’t think this time last year I even had any fruits growing, so that’s a good sign. I’ll update you on the yield as time marches on. I even have a significant improvement in jalapeños too. I have about 7 growing now  to my 2 total last year. I think I’ll pick more of those this weekend to encourage more to grow. But what shall I cook them into? Wonderful dilemma, isn’t it? Suggestions?

Here’s Ducky complete with her rainy day background. Her pattern is now available in my shop. You will notice in the close-up that I added a little weaving stitching on her basket as an extra touch.

My embellished skirt is progressing. I like the added layer of texture that it adds to an already textural skirt. I think I need lots more knots!!! It’s a nice start. Nobody fessed up last time to any of  their embellished clothes projects. C’mon. Don’t be shy!

This week I’ve been working mostly on my piece for the upcoming Halloween show at Proximity Art Gallery. It’s still in preliminary stages, but it looks like it’s going to be quite complicated. I’m glad I’m getting a nice head start. Parts of it are going to be somewhat dimensional. Not quite sure how that’s going to work out. It doesn’t look like much now, but I hope it will work out as nicely as I’m envisioning it. Here’s a skeleton that will make an appearance. He will be jointed and posed to hold something three dimensional with the help of a ghost on the other side of the piece. Curious, aren’t you? That’s why some of his bones are disconnected in the drawing. He’s kind of simplified ’cause of the whole folksy Halloween look.

Cripes. I just got a splinter in my foot. I must attend to that. Until next time, pour a giant swig of creativity in your cup of tea and get to work!

Next time: Get ready for the second installment of the Free “True Love” embroidery pattern!