I am one of those oddballs (you may know a few?) who usually loves a nice rainy day. I love to puddle jump (but take caution if I have a neighbor next to me) and “Wheee!” silently to myself at the sound of the water whooshing under the wheels as I drive through it. It’s been quite rainy here the past couple of days. I quote a co-worker who said yesterday: “It was like driving in a log flume out there.” Boy was I soaked! My sandals were like sponges. I could feel the water squishing out between my toes all day when I had to use them (I kept them off while at my desk). My whole back was soaked and the side of my skirt too. Fortunately I had a nice warm hoodie at my desk that I put on in lieu of my soaking wet shirt. Why wasn’t I as prepared as little Ducky here?! She’s so smart!

Ducky has appeared before on a Valentine’s Day card of mine, simply delivering her Valentine on what you assume is a fine rainy day (what with her wearing her pretty little red rain slicker and boots). I remember I never wanted to wear rain gear when I was little–the boots especially. But how I absolutely LOVE all the rain boots I’ve seen on the market in the past couple of years. The more candy-like the better! I’m pretty sure I’ve posted her before, but I wanted to show her as reference for the pattern design started below.

Someone once asked me if Ducky had a bicycle. “Of course, she does,” I replied, loving the idea. So here is an embroidered work in progress of her with her bicycle. I’ll have the pattern available soon. I’m glad she’s finally making an appearance. I’ve had this drawing in my drawer for a while now. You’d be amazed at all the works in progress I have. Time!–why do you elude me so?

Speaking of cozy hoodies, here is a hoodie I embellished a few months ago. It had paint stains on it. I wanted to hide them so I didn’t have to throw my favorite jacket out. 🙂 The project made for some good improvisation as I went along. It was super difficult to do, because the material is stretchy. I bring this topic up, because I have a skirt I want to embellish now too. I’m thinking it will be an explosion of colorful french knots. Does anyone have any projects like that in progress? Show me!