Orange and Black! Black and Orange! No other color combination other than red and green has such an impact on me. My mind immediately reels to the thought of Halloween, then Fall leaves, crisp Autumn air and the smell of pumpkin flavored goodies wafting upon it! This is a subtle hint that it’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween in my studio again. Although, honestly, it always looks a little like Halloween up there. Sitting out in plain sight is a messy pile of fabulous cardboard decorations I bought last year for decorating AND inspiration. I fully intended to organize them better and put them inside something. Yeah–never happened.

I haven’t really focused at all on witches yet with my Halloween decorations. The time has come! Here is a new Witchy Owl wall decoration with a vintage design flair, purposely made to look weather beaten and well loved. Is he not a handsome fella? And the poor jack-o-lantern doesn’t seem at all distressed by his little visitor.

And in keeping with whimsical witchy-ness week, a new paper chain garland complete with cheerfully flying pumpkin, owl and cat witches. Fun! I just love the basic-ness of paper chains. The thought of them brings me back to being a wee one in school with gobs of paste at my disposal. Always loved that smell! Remember how weird it looked when it dried out? Kinda like how oil paintings get all crackly over time if they are varnished too soon.

Update on the True Love Embroidery Challenge from last time: I will give everyone one more week to submit their guesses! The winner will be announced late in the evening on July 30th.  See previous post for the challenge.

Wish me luck! I plan to attempt to do some needle felted projects this weekend! I have never done it before and am a little apprehensive about trying it…while being super excited about it! Is that possible? Do they cancel each other out then? If anyone knows of any good tutorials, pass them on. My kit came with directions, but you know, words aren’t always as easy to follow as hands. 🙂

Up next time: Halloween Treat Cups and The Weed That Was Not a Weed.