Shame on me! I forgot to announce my submission to the “Robots” themed contest last week. A cheerier collection of space robots you never will see! I challenge your eyes! Heehee. This pattern was loads of fun to do. It kind of had a mind of its own. If the very sight of it delights you, by all means cast a vote in my direction! Voting ceases end of Wednesday, June 16th. Winners notified on the 17th. I could win spoon dollars to buy some super cool fabric samples. I already have some on order, but it would be swell to be able to order some fabric samples of all my designs. 🙂

Ooooooooooh. I just had a delicious idea––a Hallow-icious idea! Mmuuuhahaha…with my anticipated (hopefully) winnings, I could produce Halloween fabric with which to clothe my upcoming season’s Halloween dolls. I think I just had a tiny pumpkin fall out of my head with excitement! Pardon me. I’ve had pumpkin on the brain all day today, because I was earlier asked to contribute a piece to a Halloween themed gallery show at Proximity Gallery in Philly this upcoming October. More details to come when the date ’rounds the corner. I feel a masterpiece a-brewing! Blub-blub-blub. 😉