As my job includes coming up with cool album cover art, it behooves me (yes, that’s right, I said “behooves”) to share a great blog about vintage record jackets called “Project Thirty Three.” This is a great collection of record art. Simple, stunning, clean lines and beautiful negative space abound when you look through the jacket samples. I find it particularly amusing that it would be very unlikely for me to hang up a fine art painting similar to these designs on a wall in my house, but these record jackets floor me. I guess it must be the addition of type and the knowledge that it was for music that I can relate to. Music is so ethereal, so abstraction really works for me under these conditions. I am purposely not adding a photo sample to highlight the beautiful minimalism you are about to see. Click here to view one I’d like to talk about a little bit. It doesn’t get simpler than this. The untrained person might say…”but you left all that empty space…” and I would say: “Yes! Isn’t it gorgeous?” The simple, skinny rectangles evoke music with their jaunty layout. Being at the lower half of the cover, they also allude to the piano looked at from an aerial view. The rectangles also call to mind the black keys–three of which are blue. Three is significant as it hints at the groupings of two and three black keys in the piano keyboard. Simple, yes? Someone might be saying somewhere: “I could have done that!” Well, I would say, perhaps, but I bet not nearly as good or as precise…and besides, you didn’t come up with it first, did you? So there!

Here is a pic of my newest personal embroidery project. It’s a visual ode to my house. It’s different than all the other embroidery projects I’ve done as I haven’t planned out all the stitches. I did a basic plan and then I am experimenting with stitches. I want the swirls to expand and engulf the house in loving embraces. 🙂 So far, I’m not sure if I like coming up with stitches on the fly. It may not be adding anything to the fun factor. I’ll report out at the end of the project. Heheh. You can see the needle holes where I’ve taken up the stitches, because I didn’t like what I was doing.

Since my Father-in-Law has graciously offered to give his free embroidery pattern (from guessing correctly on the trivia challenge last time) to someone of my choosing, I offer it to Stephanie of Deliberately Creative, since she was the only other person who tried to answer the question. Which one would you like, Stephanie? 🙂

And lo!–sad to say I did not take pictures of the garden this weekend as I have been mourning the loss of two and a half hydrangeas. I’m hoping I feel inspired this weekend with the small planet’s worth of mulch that is to be deposited in my driveway at approximately 8:15 on Friday morn.