As I mentioned last time, my Halloween embroidery patterns called “Halloween Pals” have arrived! Or, I’ve finally put them together, that is. Here’s a sample–my favorite–Pietro the Pumpkin Boy (He’s a beatnik, you know). I made/sold paper maché sculptures of him a couple years ago. He’s quite popular and so very handsome in those ginormous spectacles, ain’t he? If you get started now, you can have quite a nice set of Halloween dinner napkins, perhaps! Or how cool would they look for a nice Halloween pillow cover? This Pietro sample was fun to do. I used some filler stitching on his hat and shirt, but you could just outline everything and I’m sure it would look great too.

On a side note, we finally got our new computer up and running. It’s been sitting in a box for over a month. A shiny new iMac. I’m hoping it lasts at least 7 years like the last one. I always fail to update operating systems and applications (lazy and cheap), so we just get to the point where the only place to go is to Apple to get a new system. There’s a point where we can’t do much anymore on the internet because we can’t download new software because our operating system is too old. Big pain in the pocket! First thing MS wanted to do was watch “Good Times” on Haha. Seriously, we both do need a computer for work. He even has started doing color sketches in photoshop. Fancy Pants McPhotoshop! This is also the first time I’ve ever had software newer at home than at work. Quite unprecedented. “There’s no precedent, baby!” (And the first one that knows where that quote is from, they get a free embroidery pattern on me).

I hope to take some garden photos to share this weekend. The backyard is coming along, but I fear a few things are dying. Oh green thumb, don’t fail me now…

Until next time, happy stitching!

By the way, anyone know a good tutorial on finishing an embroidered piece in a hoop? I’ve finished a few fairly successfully, but I’m sure there’s a much more professional way to do it.