Embroidery is like having a VW Beetle.

The first time I drove a VW Beetle, all of a sudden it was like being in a nicer place. I would be stopped at a traffic light and I would see a parent smile, point and punch his kids. At first I was a little alarmed-because I don’t think I really knew about “Punch Buggy.” But after seeing that happen a few times, I put two and two together (sometimes it would be much more obvious that the parent was teaching the kid how to play the game). There is also this secret thing between VW Beetle drivers. Often other Beetle drivers will honk or wave at you when you drive by or be very courteous, letting you in when you’re trying to turn into a street or merging into another lane and it’s usually accompanied with a nice big smile.

Where am I going with this? Well, as for the “Punch Buggy” effect relating to embroidery, it’s similar in that people who embroider just seem happy at the very thought of it. How can you not be happy while embroidering or at the very thought of it? Really! And who knows better than those who embroider? Just like having a VW Beetle.

Check this out! Sadie of Stitching Up a Storm sent me a sample of the birthday cake pattern embroidery she made for a gift. It came out great, didn’t it! It’s so nice to see other people’s interpretation of the pattern. And it will probably make her friend happy! See–just like the VW Beetle effect. Thanks for sharing that with me, Sadie!

On a different note, I’ve been working on more textile patterns lately. I missed showing at Surtex this year, but hopefully there was a need that was missing and these might be it. 😉 Maybe my agent will be able to put them to good use. I’ve actually been dabbling in textiles here and there over the years and had a few manufactured, but my love for textile design has grown in the past couple of years, so I’ve been hoping to expand more into that market. It’s funny how I’ll just love a little drawing and use that for something else. You might recognize the Daisy Deer embroidery pattern put to use in this textile pattern. I knew I wanted to use her again for fabric.

I call this pattern “Nerdy Birdie.” Haha. I have a special love for characters with glasses. Maybe because I’ve worn glasses since I was 9 or so? Yes!

Up next will be a great Cowgirl embroidery pattern. I hope to have it in my shop tomorrow. I’m doubting I’ll finish embroidering it tonight. Technical difficulties prevented me from starting it yesterday evening. Boo! Stay tuned, though…

Adieu! (By the way, did I mention how I had to call a client in Hawaii last week and he said “Aloha” at the end of the call and I felt like an idiot for saying: “Bye bye.” How undiplomatic of me! Ah well.