I never understood how that woman fell in love with the Eiffel Tower so much that she married it, but I think I’m partly in love with my new work table. Although––not quite enough to want to marry it, I’m proud to say. MS got it for $30 from a neighbor. It’s totally old school. All metal. It must weigh 50 pounds! It’s like something you’d find in “shop” in a high school in the fifties. It’s like the Cadillac of desks. I must look like a small mouse in comparison when sitting behind it. Have I gone on long enough? It even has a drawer! There’s a whole lot of real estate to work with. I’m done. Wait a minute––now I need a really big chair! Ok, I’m really done now. See below. Ain’t it beautiful? And already a great big mess!

I stumbled upon a fellow Etsian and blogger who is posting guides to stitches from a really cool older book she scored called “One Hundred Embroidery Stitches.” I liked the prospect so much that I ordered a copy for myself. I can’t wait to try those stitches myself. Thanks, Kim! Keep tuning into her blog as she works through all those stitches. Her designs are really cute too. Check them out at big B.

So, as I delve more and more into designing embroidery patterns, I’m wondering what everyone who buys patterns thinks about when they go in search of patterns. First, let me explain that I can draw/design patterns a lot quicker than I can embroider samples for them. I know it’s definitely great to have an embroidered sample to display with the pattern so one can see how it would look in stitches, but is it a turn off to not see one? For example, do you believe it is better to wait until I have embroidered samples before posting the pattern for sale? Or is it ok to post a pattern and add the sample later? I guess I believe the former is best form, but I get so stoked about a new pattern and want to share it! Should I exercise more patience? And on the other hand, is it a turn off or a tease for me to post a pattern on the blog and not have it available in my shop immediately? Let me know what you think!

Here’s the freebie for May! I call it “Birthday Fun!” I already started one. I think they’ll make nice napkins for the next birthday party, don’t you?

I didn’t add starbursts in the pattern, but they add a bit of “party” atmosphere to the theme, so I suggest adding them to yours. Maybe some confetti seed stitches would be nice too. I used a few chain stitches for the poof on the top of the hat. I used mostly three strands of floss for everything. The only time I used 6 strands was for the top of the icing. I mixed three medium brown and three dark brown strands for texture. Two french knots for eyes

Have fun with these! Send me pix of your completed projects or post them on Flickr and make me a contact so I can see! To download the PDF file, click here.