I was very excited for my “Robo-Bird” from last week to be mentioned in one of my favorite embroidery blogs, MrXStitch, last Thursday. Earlier this week I found out that this nice blog called Craft Gossip gave me a nod as well. It’s a great thing to be mentioned here too. Not only is it a really great craft blog, but now I also have a new blog to frequent!

Here is the newest design I’ll be embroidering. I must like clouds. They seem to keep recurring in my designs. With any luck I’ll be working on this right after I post this evening.

New to the shop are two food related designs. One for the donut lover in you and one for the donut lover in you that knows donuts aren’t the best idea. Click here to purchase.

Lastly, here’s a photo of the long awaited porch renovation. Photos are awesome, because they can hide some of the bad details. You can’t really see the splinters and nails coming out of the roof in this photo. If you see the before photo, I guess it is a definite improvement –– lighter and airier. And now the kitties can enjoy the “outdoors” with the screens and screen door (not pictured). The screens sure will be a welcome addition by July. The mosquitoes make it really tough to be out there (not to mention I’m not into breathing the mosquito repellent). You can see Gidget on the table precariously close to the ledge and maybe considering jumping through the screen. We won’t be able to leave them out there unattended. It would be too easy for them to rip through the screens. One byproduct of this renovation was damage to the hutch and chest of drawers. It will have to be repainted. That isn’t a problem, since I had planned on repainting it at some point anyway, but after painting the ceiling, the last new project I wanted to take on was a painting project. I haven’t put out the summer lights and shelf stuff yet. I’m thinking the chest of drawers and hutch will look nice in a yellow or green? What say you?

You can see how the stained deck looks much better if you look under the chairs. I had forgotten how uneven the ceiling wood was before it was painted. Not a perfect renovation, but in retrospect, it’s a marked improvement. If it weren’t for the blasted weather, it wouldn’t have taken so long!

Until next time, happy stitching! Hey! What does “a stitch in time, saves nine” mean, anyway? Where the heck does that come from?