So…I got pretty far on the “Shebot” embroidery, but I stopped, because I hated it. I had serious problems while working on it. I was stupid not to take more time to investigate how to transfer the drawing onto dark fabric (or at the very least do a test before committing to it). Turns out I could have just transferred the drawing onto stabilizer on top of the fabric, so I would essentially have been working like normal (black lines on a white background). I had just coated the back of the drawing with white charcoal pencil and traced the drawing onto the fabric. It worked ok, but needless to say, charcoal rubs off super easily, so I could barely see my lines. I just saw that there is white carbon paper I could have purchased which would have worked out nicely. Come to think of it, I think I had a white carbon pencil on the premises and probably could have utilized that. Ah well. I’m just perpetuating the human condition of learning from one’s mistakes. Growing. Growing. The fabric was also kind of stretchy, so it became a little difficult to deal with. And after all the difficulty, I also wasn’t so sure I really liked the drawing anymore anyway, so why continue? I decided to cut my losses and start over. And so, as I lay a little sad and blue on my bed, drifting to sleep after submitting to failure, I scribbled out a new idea to work out the next day and the Robo-Bird was born. Note the serial number on the Robo-Bird’s “station.” I like how it turned out. It has all the elements I wanted it to have in texture, look and composition. Had I a little more time, I might have gotten a bit more experimental, but that’s that.

On the porch front, I’m almost there! The third coat of white really did the trick. It feels like I’ve been painting forever, but only because I’ve had to stop and start so often. It’s really only been spread out over three weeks. I still have to paint the outside eaves, but we need a big ladder for that. By the way, we had screens (of which the frames still need to be painted too) and a screen door installed last week and Gidget ran right outside when we opened the door, but Georgie pulled the old radar ears bit. He put one paw over the threshold of the sliding doors, then the other, rotated his ears a few times and then pulled both paws back inside. He’s not quite ready to venture into new territory. Now we know who would run outside if we left the front door open (and who wouldn’t). Silly kitties.

On Sunday, we finally saw the James Gurney exhibit at the Delaware Art Museum. It was really great. He’s so thorough with everything. He’s truly been walking in the footsteps of the Golden Age of Illustration artists (equal parts inspiring and depressing). Funny story: Interspersed throughout the exhibits in the museum are eighteenth and nineteenth century chairs and sofas. I had noticed, but not thought much of it until I got to one chair that had a sign on it saying that the furniture was meant to be used, so sit already! So I did! And MS’s eyeballs just about fell out of his head milliseconds before one of the museum workers walked by and said, “Oh yes, by all means enjoy any of the items not hung from the wall or on a pedestal…” Seriously, my butt hit the chair, his eyes bugged out and the guy walked by all within milliseconds. It was really comical.

Now I leave you with the newest installment in the free pattern of the month, in keeping with the birdie theme this week. She’s a cutie pie with a french knot necklace. Click here to download PDF.