We had a fun time in Minneapolis. It was great seeing MS’s sister and her husband and finally meeting their two kitties. Pete and Kristen took me to the University of Minnesota Arboretum on Saturday and it was inspiring! Although a little daunting too! So much work yet to be done in the garden and I still haven’t even finished the garden plan yet. Kristen also took me to Crafty Planet, which is probably the most awesome craft supply store I’ve ever been to. I am very excited to report that I finally acquired some needle felting supplies. MS pretty much forced me to buy the kit I saw (because he didn’t want to hear me say “I should have bought it…” on the plane ride home). I seriously wanted to buy one of every piece of fabric and anything else I could get my hands on. Seriously. The place pretty much carries all my favorite types of textile designs––the likes of which I’d like to sit down and design myself if I ever get the time.

I should also mention that MS did well at his Magic the Gathering event too (which is the reason why we were in Minneapolis in the first place.

I came across this artist yesterday through Flickr. She also has an Etsy shop called “Gingermelon.” And here’s the blog for a closer look at her work. Darling, or what? Check out how perfect these dolls and softies are. So lovely. The attention to detail is fantastic. I can’t say enough about the hair! Just wonderful. And the faces are done so sweetly too.

And finally, here’s the sketch for the robot gallery show. I have to complete the piece by Monday or Tuesday. A slightly tough deadline to meet what with all the stuff we have going on in the next several days, but I think I’ll make it.

Robots are a lot harder to do than I thought. Or rather, the kind of robot I wanted to do was more difficult to come up with than I thought. I wanted it to be a little more feminine and streamlined than the average, chunky robot design, without being too detailed. Should she have feet? Legs? No legs? Simple hooks for hands? Claws? Rounded head? Square? The head had to agree with the body and vice versa. It helped that I knew basically that I wanted it to be a 50’s/60’s-ish housewife theme, so I knew what wasn’t achieving that vibe immediately. I plan to frame this one simply with a hoop when finished. The tricky part will be transferring the design onto the dark blue corduroy fabric. I haven’t done anything on dark fabric yet. I’m not sure how the white pencil will work for me. Hopefully it will wash out if the markings show after embroidering. And I’m assuming the dark transfer pencils won’t show up very well on dark fabric. Who knows? Maybe I’ll give it a go. Wish me luck!