Slow going on the porch ceiling. I’m running out of steam and there’s only so much I can do during the week in the daylight hours after work. I also think we need a third coat of paint, so…trying to finish before our trip on Friday is kind of not really realistic. I’ll just about finish the second coat by tomorrow night. The first coat was the worst. The bare wood is just sucking up the paint like you wouldn’t believe despite the primer being super thick. I think had we not gotten this particular one, we might have needed even more than three coats! The process wouldn’t really have been so difficult, but there are lots of nails protruding, so I can’t just use a large roller. I have to paint around everything with a small roller and fill in the parts I couldn’t get to with the brush. And then of course, lovely globs of paint drip from the nails and into my hair (or hat when I remember to wear it). Had I realized how many nails and splinters there were, I might have tried to bend the nails or maybe fix the splinters somehow. Oh well. I would like to say it looks fabulous so far, but all I see are the imperfections.

Anyhow, here’s Becky’s nursery embroidery. I think it’s coming along nicely. It was fun doing the nest with some whipped running stitches. It’s the first time I’ve found it an appropriate to use it. I was also envisioning getting much more experimental with stitches on the nest, but since it’s a gift, I didn’t want to go too crazy.

One of the other projects I totally want to work on is a version of this sign that you can see in virtually every Monkees episode. I think it’s sweet somehow. It’s kind of therapeutic to pretend to yourself that money is the root of all evil when you don’t have much of it. 😉

Speaking of future projects, MS wants me to do a part of the English Bayeux tapestry at some point. Would be challenging, but I think the hardest part would be picking which part to do. It’s funny. It’s not really a tapestry at all. It’s just embroidered cloth, but for some reason it’s always referred to as a “tapestry.”

MS and I are thinking of doing pieces for a group show. It’s a robot show called “Domo Arigato” and will be at Brave New Worlds Comics shop on first Friday in May. Philadelphia Cartoonist Society is putting it together. We’re friends with a few of their members (my pal is the one on the blog entry with his tongue out) and they’ve graciously opened up the show to non-members. We need to get the piece(s) done by April 30th. Hmm. Cutting it close, but hey––why not? I’m playing around with the idea of a female robot embroidery piece with some items in fabric relief. Like an apron added or something. We’ll see. Tune in next time for the sketch. One never knows how something will progress.