So this week, one of my goals was to stain and paint the porch (weather permitting). I finally got to stain the deck earlier this evening. I might do another coat tomorrow. It’s doubtful I’ll get the ceiling painted by the end of the weekend at this point what with rain and what not. We’ll see. I’ll be really happy if I manage to finish before we go to Minneapolis on the 16th, though. I can’t wait to be able to just enjoy the porch and only have to worry about gardening the rest of the spring. We missed a lot of the cooler porch weather last year.

One of my favorite kinds of projects to work on are ones in which lots of drawings, reference, sketches, charts and jotted down thoughts are thrown out there on my desk to flip through. This time the project is plans for our backyard garden. I’ve seen lots of these recently on blogs. Mine is a little different for a couple of reasons. First, this isn’t a dream garden plan that I hope to make happen over 5 years. And second, it involves making do with what we have already. Now this isn’t to say that I don’t have a dream garden in mind by any means. It’s just that I can’t say I’m willing to spend lots of money over the years or even am willing to plan to spend a certain amount of money each year toward that goal. Probably just because I assume money will need to be spent on other things over the years. Not to mention, I’m not willing to spend gobs of time on it. Which brings the point of my garden to the forefront. My goal is to grow a garden that’s pretty low maintenance. The only major toil I want to deal with every summer is tending to the veggies. I plan on lots of greenery with lovely splashes of color in key places.

Morgan showed me a great nursery where I can buy some pretty reasonable shade plants (the yard is covered by trees in summer). I’m very excited! I think it’s funny that some of the plants I already decided to order are already in the yard! I had no idea until I was out there raking leaves this past Saturday.

Obviously the plans aren’t finished yet. It’s just in the rough sketch stage. I have started a nice detailed mock-up in InDesign, though (something to make very clear what’s being planted and where). New this year will be some container plants on the brick patio to cheer things up a bit. There’s a little more light there, I think and I’m hoping some plants will do better there.

And finally, the newest embroidery is one for my friend Becky. This will go in her nursery. I’m particularly excited to do this one because I’ll be able to do some stitches I haven’t really had any reason to use. Pardon it’s appearance. I didn’t clean the drawing up before scanning. Look at the teensy baby birdie. Ain’t she cute?