Boy. Am I cutting it close or what? My second in the series of free patterns of the month and according to my computer clock, I made it with 63 minutes to spare. This one is in the spirit of good things to come: BBQs! I call this one “Hot Dog!” I dream of single-handedly bringing back the expression of “Hot dog!” that it seems they used to exclaim with delight in the old days (or at least in “It’s a Wonderful Life”).

Note that a hot dog chef would, of course, only serve hamburgers at his BBQ. Haha. It is available for download here including a right reading and reverse reading PDF. I would suggest doing the squeeze bottles in red and golden yellow, since they are supposed to be ketchup and mustard. 😉

And below is a finished project for someone’s birthday. Belated yes, but still good, no? I wonder who it’s for? Birthday…in…March…? Hmmm…

It’s a wonder I got it finished this week. Quite a hectic one, but it helped save my sanity.