This past Sunday I was hosting a lunch to celebrate the arrival of spring and I couldn’t resist serving this! So pretty! It’s beet hummus. I made sure that those attending already liked beets, because the description of it mentioned that if you like beets you’ll love it––if you don’t like beets, don’t try it. I should have dyed some easter eggs in the water they were boiled in. When I poured it out, I emitted a noise akin to Homer Simpson mumbling about donuts… oooooooooo…pretttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

MS thought I was going nuts. Made for a lovely appetizer. Kind of zingy. It was the perfect weather for a party. We were able to use the porch too. I also had no idea we had a few daffodils which had emerged out of nowhere. MS noticed when he was clearing out the sticks and debris from the most recent storm. I want more daffodils! I guess now’s the time to plant them, but they won’t be much of a display until next year. Patience. Argh. I am also happy to report that I trimmed my garlic greens last week and they have already grown again. I can’t believe it. I forgot to cover them over the winter and they grew anyway. So if I keep cutting them down and letting them grow, I may successfully cultivate full garlic bulbs this summer. Pretty cool.

Here’s the latest embroidery and final installment from the “Kitchen Fun” pattern.

I used quite a bit of single threads for the details on this. Satin stitches on the eyes. Only the outlines of the cup and saucer were full floss thickness.