My fingers must be dyslexic. I spelled blog backwards earlier today. I had never realized it’s “glob.” Haha.

Here we have one installment of my “Kitchen Fun” pattern in its embroidered splendor. I think I like it. Tips on this include using floss as-is for the outlines of the knife, fork and spoon. Use less strands of floss for everything else. I used three threads on mostly everything else except the mouth, eyes/eyelashes/eyebrows where I used one or two threads. Basically do what you like best. Some people might like a fuller look. I like to get finer details with less thread. I should have switched to a smaller needle when using 1 thread. I kept “losing” it on the pull through. Duh. I’m always amazed at how I can struggle with something, knowing full well what the problem is and just ignoring it. I guess I just wasn’t thinking.

I took a day off last week and decided to paint the steps in the studio. Good Lord. I had no idea how dirty they had gotten! Granted, they were kind of dirty when we moved in. We (mostly MS) painted the studio when we moved in and didn’t have the energy to repaint the stairs. I’m glad I did. I added a fun pattern too. MS put up some more paintings on the walls going up the stairs. It’s much nicer now. Although as usual, he’s hogging up all the wall space. ;P

You can find beauty in the oddest things, don’t you think? I gaze often at this beautiful pile of floss and thread with admiration. I think it will make great stuffing for a monster I might work on over the summer. It would even be lovely scrunched into littler balls and placed strategically on a cord to hang like garland. Crazy? I don’t think so. It could be perfect for just the right room/place. You never know. I’m surprised I’m not a hoarder really. Is it weird to save this? Although hoarders usually don’t save things because they think things are pretty, do they? Maybe they do see beauty in a pile of newspapers or yogurt cups. Is there something you’ve recently found beautiful that you think most people wouldn’t?