Well. I finally faced my demons head on tonight. Let’s just say, the last experience I had with my old sewing machine was about 7 years ago. I finally fired up the new sewing machine I got for Christmas. It’s not so much because I didn’t want to use it as it was I was quite apprehensive about using a sewing machine again. I’ve been getting along famously sewing by hand up until now. What it boils down to is I think I never got the hang of winding the thread through the machine correctly, so it would be a constant fight with the thread and the bobbin. And so…it started just like it ended many years ago. A wild thatching of red thread underneath my fabric once again. Isn’t it lovely? Unfortunately it’s not lovely when it’s not the desired result.

At any rate, I managed to sew up a practice tea towel “successfully.” Successfully only in that I sewed something with the machine. The lines are a bit crooked and I missed attaching part of the fabric that was underneath. Ah well. I think it’s a battle well won on a personal level. 😉

The machine is quite a step up from my last one. This one has all kinds of stitch options. I think the old one had basically just a straight stitch and
MAYBE a zig zag option…maybe. Haha. This one isn’t top of the line by any means, but probably more than I’ll ever need. I don’t prefer the look of machine embroidery, so those fancy dan machines are not even on my radar.

So, that’s my evening. But I leave you with another deer embroidery from the Daisy Deer pattern I designed last week. I have to show at least one thing worthwhile. And if anyone has any tips for keeping the stitching on sewing machines straight, I’d love to hear them! I’m sure there’s something I’m missing.