Isn’t she a cutie pie?!!! I used the embroidery floss at full thickness for the deer outlines. The inside details like the finer lines in the ears and tail, spots, eyelashes, etc. were one thread. The hearts and stars are two threads. When you look at this, you’ll notice that the little dots on the pattern are intended to be French knots. That’s about it. If I were to do this over I might have used only four or five threads on the deer outlines. I think that floss had six. Most have six, but I think I’ve come across some weird ones with 5 threads.

The pattern is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

I’m very excited how this is progressing. I have some dancing silverware and cups and plates in the works and even some dancing fruit. Real kitschy. I’ve bought some tea towels and napkins to embroider the sample onto. Although the napkins are hideous!–Bleh!– a terrible polyester weave! They are kind of shiny and the edges are crappily finished. I can’t use them. I think they’ll make good rags. ;p