I find myself moving ahead in my brain all of the time while working on projects. While finishing this piece up, I’m chomping at the bit to do my next one – which, btw, I don’t know what it will be – but I know it will be on a blue skinny corduroy fabric. How cool will that look?! I had a lot of fun with seed stitches on this one. Can you tell I’m jones-ing for Spring? Argh. And it looks like more snow is coming tonight! We’re just melting from the TWO two foot snowstorms in a row!

I’m pleased to announce the first free pattern download today. A sweet little kitty cat theme. Ain’t he cute?

Click here to download the high-res file. Click here for the high-res, reversed file. This pattern is copyrighted by me, but is free to use for personal use. Sharing with friends is ok, but reselling the pattern commercially is not. Thanks and enjoy!

After or concurrently with the blue corduroy project, I’m embarking on embroidering a bunch of linen napkins. Then I’ll move on to tea towels. I wish I could work on all the things I want to work on all at the same time! Halloween is only 8 months away! I have so many ideas in my head that I just haven’t had time to devote to just for Halloween alone!