Here’s one of my newest pieces. It took only about 10 hours. Did most of it in the hotel in D.C. a few weeks ago when MS was at a MTG event signing cards. I think I’m going to keep this one for the house, although I might sell the pattern for it too. I’ve decided also to provide free patterns from my website monthly. Should be fun.

I finished this one last week. I like how it turned out, but when I was looking at the original sketch there were a few things I left out that would have been nice to keep in there. Sometimes I lose some details from transferring the drawing too. Oh well. Makes everything fresh and unexpected. Haha.

Nothing new to report this week on the homefront, except that we have to officially keep the bathroom door closed when we leave the house because Georgie (our boy cat) has a tendency to lock himself in the bathroom by accident. He’ll take a nap on the toilet and then get up and stretch and lean on the door. What a dummy. 🙂

How could I forget one other important detail? Several of us at DM will be gathering every month or so to talk “shop” (Etsy shop, that is). It will be a nice opportunity to compare notes and we also thought a good way of recycling materials we have that we aren’t using. You know, if there’s a piece of fabric I’ve grown unattached to, maybe I can swap it for something someone else has. Good idea, huh?