Really cool illustration here. What a wonky and inviting sense of space and lovely color palette. It almost looks like a pop up scene to me. I found it through this cool blog called “A Journey Round My Skull.” all about “forgotten literature.” A great collection to look through. I love so many of these. Thanks to Will for compiling this wonderful resource. Very inspiring.

MS and I spent the weekend in D.C. Went to the Smithsonian American History Museum and the National Gallery. There are so many great museums there in one location. We really need to go back for a few days to see everything. Julia Child’s kitchen was at the SAHM. So cool! What an inspiring woman! Saw lovely works at the National Gallery. It’s always a good day when you see a Singer-Sargent and a Brueghel in the same day. And MS got yelled at by a guard at the National Gallery for getting too close to a painting. Heehee.

And we close with the coolest web animation award! And it goes to (Particularly the “location/hours” link. Check that out and be a little patient).