Another thing that intrigues me about embroidery is figuring out what stitch to do where. It kind of combines the brain fun of working 3 dimensionally in a 2 dimensional format (if that at all makes sense). Karen pointed me to this blog that shows stitching videos – which is really handy because some stitches are really hard to figure out from books – and I came across this sampler that really shows what fun you could have just mixing up stitches all over the place. Isn’t it great? It really makes my brain electric thinking about how it could apply to softies and dolls.

When I post all these finished embroidery pieces in my Etsy shop, I’ll be listing the patterns for sale too. I’ve already had some requests that I sell the patterns too, so that could be a lot of fun.

Speaking of dolls and things, I’ve been taunted by a magazine all about softies at Jo-Ann’s every time I go, but I’ve been refusing to pay $15 for it. It doesn’t even have patterns in it. I figure I can just browse away on flickr my whole life long (or I’ll spring for the mag if I find a $20 bill in my coat pocket next year). Check out these dolls. So cute!

So little time to do everything in the world I want to do!

Great news is MS’s new website is officially up and running. It’s so easy to update now that we’re unencumbered by outdated software and he can make changes as he likes and update to his heart’s content without me grumbling about how annoying web building is because I had crappy software. Squarespace is an awesome web builder. Great for designers like me who know just enough (often enough to get myself in trouble) about web programming, but don’t want to spend all their time messing around with it. Check it out. My website and his are customized from the same template. I would recommend (and have been) Squarespace to everyone.

Finished the Birdie. I drew him months ago. I was glad to incorporate him somewhere.