There’s something about turning a simple line drawing into an embroidered work that’s satisfying. If I were to merely draw this in colored markers…it would not be the same thing at all. And even then, to see it in person is even better. I have to practice with my macro photography setting to show off the embroidered landscape a little. Below is a rather unsuccessful one I took before the improvement in light source. It’s all weird and fuzzy looking because of various things, one being that I changed the ISO to 400 and forgot to change it back. MS bought a couple 500 watt daylight bulbs for me for my floodlights that have made a huge difference. Now all I have to do is “build” a good lightbox. I have this fancy convertible box idea that is a box which will turn into an easel. Let’s see how long it takes me to make that, shall we?

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