I remember the first time I was quite stricken by embroidery as art. Had I had $500 to spare, I would have bought a piece at an art gallery right on the spot. It was First Friday and my friends and I were making the rounds. Heck. It must have been 10 years ago. Definitely BH (before husband). It was about 4’ x 5’ on a rough-edged piece of muslin or similar fabric, and from far away it looked like a very energetic, rough pen and ink sketch. It was a beautiful image of a city skyline and trees. As I approached it and realized it was all needlework, my breath was taken away. The most fabulous thing about it was that much of the “sketchyness” was merely threads that the artist just left hanging loosely about. 100% sublime. I haven’t seen anything quite like it since. I’ve seen smaller “drawings” embroidered, but nothing on the scope of this particular piece. I only wish I had remembered to get the artist’s card or name. There’s a regret for you. Although fortunately not the kind that has you tossing and turning at night when you’re 80. 😉

The second reason stitching is sublime is merely how much fun it is to stitch away for hours and hours. I’m starting to develop a callous on my thumb.

Above is a work in progress called “Home Is Where the Cat Sleeps.” Inspired by kitties, of course.

Custom Etsy Order

I just realized recently that “This Must Be the Place” is a Talking Heads song. I commented to the gentleman that commissioned this that there must be a nice story behind it and he must have been like…duh!

And below is another new one. I used a transfer pen on this one and was horrified throughout the process because it’s bright blue and blurbs about the fabric. You can be careful, but I like to use thin threads sometimes, so it’s a little jarring while you’re stitching. At any rate, to my happy surprise, the ink washes right out when you run it under water. This photo was taken before I ironed it.

All You Need Is Love...

So anyway, I got Jenny Hart’s new book for Christmas (“Embroidered Effects”) and it’s inspired me to say the least. It’s opened up quite a world for me and I’m in love! What started over the summer as a little kitty cat embroidered on a doll’s apron has bloomed into a raging love affair! Don’t worry, MS knows about it. Check out the cool metallic thread! Kristen got some for me for my birthday last year. 😉

Although I was a little worried about the “All You Need Is Love” piece I just did. After I started it, I noticed that there’s a pattern book of hers that has a heart with a ribbon banner and a sword through it. I totally wasn’t even looking at it! But you can’t really copyright a heart with a ribbon banner, can you? There must be a million tattoos that start out like that. I think mine’s different enough, though.