Our spoooookkky house. I tried to make it look like a demon, but I couldn’t make it work without rope lights and I’d already spent too much money. Maybe next year. 🙂


The fully dressed table, complete with placecards.


Behold the famed roast beast! The only error on my part was running out of parchment paper. It would have worked better to release the beast from the pan and onto the serving plate. It oozed some and stuck to the foil, but everyone was careful not to eat foil. The other thing was that I should have put foil on the “legs” while warming it up in the oven as the legs were a little overdone before serving. It’s a noodle-less lasagna. Basically lasagna filling inside pizza dough, much like a calzone. Olive eyes and bread stick legs. It worked out not quite as I imagined, but better than I’d hoped. Haha.


Pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. My absolute favorite. Those are vintage picks.


Gidget begin her normal silly self. She loves exposing her belly. She exposed it to everyone after dinner.


This is just a shot of the living room before everyone arrived.

It was great fun! Halloween is really becoming like Christmas for me. There are so many possibilities. Why, there are so many other types of roast beasts to make?!

Matt wore his usual mustache, I, of course was a witch, Jet was a Depression Era hobo complete with tequila flask and Kyle was Wolverine. Morgan wore a witch hat only because she thought it was too hot for a full costume.

For a few more pics, visit my Flickr page.